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History: Alk's early years are dull consisting of the training all guard-types like him go though and shifting from one post to the next. Not excelling at anything in particular his duties placed him at a historical museum which was to be his permanent post.  It's at this time he met Lam who was put on a similar post and the two eventually became friends, but Lam quickly showed a proficiency to various humanities and was whisked away for tutoring. At that point Alk decided it wasn't that he lacked talent that was keeping him from rising in rank like Lam, but simply that there was no opportunity for him to prove otherwise. Not being physically able to defy orders Alk was stuck at the museum where he harassed suspicious looking tourists in hopes of gaining recognition. Eventually Lam came back after her copulation ceremony and offered to bring Alk along as security on a lengthy exploratory expedition to which Alk happily agreed. Alk is currently wandering the galaxy with Lam on her journey to find the reason behind a high concentration of humanoids in a portion of the galaxy.  
Deco Society: In Alk's society there are two classes a person can  be born into and two that can be ascended into. The two that a person can be born into are guard or drone. Drones are the labor force and have little capacity for free thought. Drones are expendable and lack strong emotions thus it is acceptable for those in higher ranks to treat them like shit or even kill them directly or otherwise. Guard-types are a step up from the drones as the name suggest they act as security, but also handle the colonies hunting and other areas that require extra muscle and brainpower; this is what Alk is. The Guard types are capable of almost complete free thinking, but cannot refuse orders from higher ranks or go against them at a latter time. They also loose any free thought when a higher rank is in immediate danger and immediately act to protect them.
The two that can be ascended into are Important-type and the Breeding-types, Kings, Queens and the occasional Overlord. The breeding King and Queen our a metamorphosis of the guard type that occurs after sex and impregnation. The King exists only to guard the Queen who exists only to produce eggs. There is a fluke in this where one of the guard types will remain a hermaphrodite after copulation resulting in an Overlord. Overlords are basically a King and Queen combined, but bigger and shit loads meaner. If after a copulation a King and Overlord are produced they work to together as if the situation is two Kings and a Queen. If the mix is a queen and an Overlord the Overlord inevitably kills the Queen. If both are Overlords the results are horrible and awe inspiring. Through out documented history the chance of an Overlord being produced increased steadily until the present rate of 1 in 100. They Queens and Kings once ruled over the colonies, but were taken out of power by the important types. They have complete free thought. If Alk and Lam had sex Lam would become a Queen since she is already partially one so Alk would become the King. The Important types are the result on an incomplete metamorphosis into a King or Queen brought on by sex that involves an exchange of fluids, but no actual impregnation. The end result is a half complete change into either gender with all the perks, but none of the burdens. Important types are capable of boundless free thought and produce the pheromones needed to effectively manipulate the lesser types. Important types are the current leaders of the Decopodraconians and becoming one is the goal of a majority of the guard types, Alk included. In order to be selected to become an important type and individual must be highly proficient at something whether it's a mental faculty like mathematics or a physical one like combat.
Personality: The reason for that society section is that Alk will make many blatant assumptions about a person and treat them differently based on what "type" or class they fall under in his mind or what they may indirectly identify themselves as. For example if someone says they are/were a slave or in a menial line of work will translate as a drone-type to Alk and he'll pretty much automatically treat that person unkindly at least. Someone saying they are a scientist  or general would fall into the important type making Alk submissive to that person and more easily manipulated. He's also unlikely to betray such a person. People who are some sort of warrior, security guard, hit-man or have a job that involves a large amount of physical skill and demand will be seen as a guard-type by Alk. He'll treat people that fit this type as equals and be quite chummy with them unless given a reason not to be. He's also more likely to stab them in the back or step on them if it means advancing his goals. King and Queen types are treated more or less the same as important-types so if he dose subconsciously put someone in this rank it would not be known. Since a rigid class system isn't how every society functions Alk has been trying to avoid classifying people like this as he's explored the cosmos, and has had some success though he dose relapse. If this way of thinking on Alk's part becomes problematic Lam will usually get Alk to knock it off if she's around.
More species linked points Alk has no maternal instincts and so treats children like he would an adult. They are given no special privileges by him and are as disposable as anyone else. Alk is more liable to go out of his way to save a baby then a child, though, only because it more clearly represents the next generation then a kid dose. This is largely do to Alk seeing babies as a kind of larvae since they don't entirely appear as the parents.
Alk is incapable of love. There simply was never a need for a strong emotional attachment for his people. So there isn't anything between Alk and Lam on that level and won't ever be. This also means that Alk and Lam both won't understand love when they see it if they even notice it all. Trying to explain it to them would be like describing a color to a blind person.
When Alk enters an unfamiliar situation the first thing he dose is assert his dominance with a display of strength or general manliness. This could be things as subtle as being handsy and rough with the new person up to randomly punching bystanders in the face. How far he goes in these displays roughly equates to how threatening the situation is to Lam and himself secondarily. So, if he suddenly tries to smash boulders with his forehead he's probably nervous as hell.
When Alk becomes familiar with a situation he starts getting up to general ass hole behavior. Lacking an inside voice, being overall rude and insensitive and utterly neglecting personal space. Overall an unpleasant person to be around unless you happen to have a similar personality. Lam is a bit more reserved, but Alk has an extraordinary ability to bring her to his level. Despite how horribly obnoxious he is, he doesn't mean it or really even realize it. He just wants everyone to lighten up and enjoy themselves as much as he is.
He behaves somewhat differently in situations he's uncomfortable in or if he's dealing with people he hates for one reason or another. He looses his jolliness and becomes intentionally rude if it's a person. He also becomes very combative and the displays of might become constant, but slightly more subtle: knuckle-cracking, digging ruts in the ground with his feet, and slamming his fist into things are all fairly common. He usually won't get like this if Lam is absent unless the situation is truly a threat to his physical well being. If he dose end up anxious or pissed Lam will usually intervene before a fight breaks out unless she wants it to happen.
Alk is hard to hurt in an emotional sense or really even aggravate since living in a hive community dampened his sense of self importance and worth. He dose have a pet peeve and that's being manipulated. He see's this as one of the reasons for lack of success and assumes if it's being done to him whoever's pulling the string has it out for him. Simply ordering him around will result hi either doing nothing and becoming aggravated or him doing the exact opposite or something equally counterproductive to the command. If the manipulation is done silently for an extended period of time and he finds out later he'll be instantly infuriated and probably try to the kill that person if it's convenient to do so. Through the use of pheromones Lam can completely shut off Alk's free thought and force him to run on command and instinct. She's only done this once and it's largely the reason Alk left her and the rest of the crew for several years before coming back.
One last thing; Alk really only has two buttons to be pushed: being manipulated and doing ANYTHING to Lam without her or his permission. If it's a totally new  person they will be restrained for getting within in arms length of Lam and punched out if they touch her. If it's already an intense situation the likely response to touching Lam will being getting shot at with lethal intentions. Familiar people are usually fine unless they act funny, but Alk has a broad definition of funny. These are knee-jerk reaction with Alk and will persist in any situation.

Abilities: Natural ones first. As hinted by their punny name Decos have the ability to scale any surface in the same way the earthly gecko dose. So long as it's not literally perfectly smooth. This ability with natural limberness and great dexterity gives them extraordinary movement capabilities in otherwise impassible terrain.
Skills: Alk has received the basic regime of combat training all guard-types go through, it's nothing fancy really. Through that training he became very average at archery with both long and cross bows. His home world is poor in metals, not tech, so guns were out of the question when metals were needed for infrastructure. While exploring the galaxy he gained proficiency with modern firearms and energy-based weapons. He always prefers bullets to lasers and is an advocate for the policy of more daka due to his shitty aim. His weapons of choice of choice are a quartet of mildly enchanted machine pistols. The magic being they can regenerate ammo; when one gun empties a clip the others refilled so he swaps them in pairs for almost constant fire. He got them at a security job in a space station when him and Lam were separate for a while. It got freaky towards the end and he prefers not too talk about it.

In combat: Alk will usually just shoot the shit out of whatever it is he wants dead. If for whatever reason he can't use his gun, Alk will make use of his long, powerful body and five pairs of clawed limbs to bring someone down. He can suffocate someone by coiling around them and tightening himself or even by swallowing their head, but that's just weird. Constriction is the most silent method he has to dispatch someone, but if stealth isn't an issue he'll happily gut someone with the two foot kill-claw on his middle hand.

Name: LAM-153/.6 Goes by Lam, always.
Age: 39
Height: 9' 7"
Weight: 750lbs
History: Same as Alk, Lam underwent the guard-type training. She was then stationed in the same natural history museum as Alk where the two became close friends over a few years. Unlike Alk though, Lam showed a keen interest in the contents of the museum and began studying on her own time. Eventually she became more knowledgeable then the majority of the museum staff and caught the eye of those who deemed candidates for the copulation ceremony worthy. After proving her determination to continue her learning beyond her home planet and putting forward some ambitious but tantalizing plans for exploration Lam was taken away for tutoring, though she did not need much at that point. Lam became effectively one of the only Decos with a mastery of xenon-anthropology/ecology. After her copulation ceremony Lam laid out plans for an interstellar exploratory mission to attempt to learn more about a concentration of seemingly nonsensical humanoid sentient races in a portion of the galaxy. He recruited Alk and a bunch of others for this mission which they've been on for almost thirteen years with little success. Oh, and as for the rest of Lam's crew who she abandoned top go with Mudd; they were put on a paid vacation.

Personality: Lam is a lot less formulaic personality wise then Alk. Where Alk will react the same way nearly every time when presented with certain circumstances Lam is capable of varying her responses too have the greatest benefit. This is every bit as much of a biological thing as it is a part of the pairs personalities.
When in a familiar or comfortable situation Lam will joke around and generally make merry. Without Alk around she acts reserved, mellow, an overall "nice guy." When Alk is with her and getting rowdy  Lam will quickly get sucked in by his aura of asshole-ness and get every bit as loud and obnoxious too the point where any meekness that was showing goes out the window. Eventually she'll start ripping on people in the area for laughs which has caused quite a few fights for the two.
When giving all of her effort too something, be it furthering her research or a card game, she won't put up with any distracting bullshit, like loud noises, other living things, and eating. Alk hates it when she gets like this and tries too pull her out of it before she works herself sick. Half the time she just gets pissed and shoos Alk away. She gets like this because ignorance is a terrible burden for her. She associates it with stupidity and doesn't want to be like Alk who knows jack shit, and thus too her is incredibly stupid. She has a very skewed idea of what counts as knowledge though since all of hers came from books and teachers. Basically, she'd know everything if she could, but the fact that she doesn't in an infantine quantity kills her. She'd never tell anybody this, but she would call someone stupid if they never finished more than five years of proper school, in example Alk.
Despite remaining well mannered and polite when it's a must Lam's knowledge hunger makes her curious and nosey to a fault. She asks to many questions, and if in real fervor she might completely ignore the fact that whoever she's interrogating   is getting steadily more bothered/angry/homicidal with each time she rewords the same question that wasn't answered. She'll also dig through your stuff if you leave it unattended.

Abilities: She has the same exact wall climbing ability as Alk and is even more physically powerful, tossing around an average person is nothing for her. What's different is that she can produce pheromones that shut down Alk's sentience and make him run on instinct and chemical commands. This is an absolute last resort, the last time she did it, and it was entirely justified, Alk left for several years. Lam's intelligent quick to learn and can form plans and initiate them quickly. When her and Alk are together things get done swift and neat with Alk doing 85% of the work.

Skills: Lam went through the same training as Alk, but hasn't had to use a weapon in a long while so she's a poor shot. To compensate she uses Alk as a tool and dose so deftly. Unfortunately, her field of interest is lacking in applicability, but she has a lot of other odds-and-ends knowledge that she can call upon if needed.
In combat: Lam won't fight unless she has too and if Alk's around she'll try and back off and let him handle it. If she dose fight, she still has the laser pen from Mudd and can rip a human to pieces in seconds. She could bring down something the size of an elephant if she had too.
I know I'm forgetting some little things but they can wait.

Lam isn't as full as alk is yet,mostly because this is my first time doing much with her,by the time this tourney is over she'll defiantly be more fleshed out, though.

FORGOT TO MENTION: They got a gift from Mudd it's a pen that was hastily changed to shoot lasers when clicked. It was given the function "laser-firing". It's mostly non lethal since it burns wounds shut, but can be deadly if it hits something important. It can ignite anything flammable. It can not burn through anything with a high melting temperature, some rocks, metals ect.
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